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Sunday, July 11, 2004

I went to the Yankees game with some friends today. It was a lot of fun. The game, despite the lopsided 10-3 score (the Yankees won) was pretty close up until the end, there were a lot of home runs, some good pitching, the major league debut of a Yankees reliever, and the seats were in the shade, so it wasn't brutally hot.

There's a point in between innings when the Yankee scoreboard flashes messages sent in by spectators -- "Congratulations on your graduation, Charlie. Love Mom and Dad." "Welcome to your first Yankee game, Billy, age 3." "Happy Anniversary Sheila." "Jane, will you marry me, Love Pete." And so on. I wonder how much censorship goes on -- how many messages they reject each day. Like, I wonder if any of these would get through:

*Harry, Sorry I killed your dog.
*Welcome, Jessica, to the first game since your nervous breakdown.
*I hope your tapeworm goes away.
*Barbara, Hope your fertility treatment is successful.
*Good luck in prison, Joe!
*Bob, Glad you decided to come to the game with me instead of going to your brother's funeral. From, Sam.
*Wanda, sorry I raped you, Love Tim.
*Let's Go Mets!