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Saturday, July 24, 2004

A little bit of catch-up:

Thursday night we went to see the Broadway musical "Wicked" as a law firm event. It's a spectacle. I say that in a good way. Lots of set pieces, special effects, etc. The music is OK but not thrillingly memorable and catchy -- you won't leave humming too much. The lyrics are fine but didn't blow me away. The story is interesting more than anything else. The singing was excellent. There's a really lovely ballad in Act Two called "For Good" that I really liked. Not giving anything away, it's basically the story of the lives of the good witch and the wicked witch leading up to when the wicked witch melts. That gives nothing away. In the back of my mind, I feel like I could write an interesting article tying some of the themes in "Wicked" to the practice of law, but that would be a forced comparison made sensible only by virtue of the fact that this was a law firm event. I'm going to let that idea simmer for a while and see if anything comes out of it.

Today (Saturday) I went to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey with some friends. Roller coasters are cool. They've made some cool new ones since the last time I was in any amusement park a bunch of years ago. Because the weather predicted rain, the park wasn't too crowded so the lines weren't bad at all -- plus it never rained. Best of both worlds, except that any faith I may have had in weather forecasters is gone now. Really. I will not check the weather ever again. They lie. :)

And, a TV recommendation -- I've watched a few episodes of "Crossballs" on Comedy Central, a fake debate show like Crossfire and Hardball, where actors pose as experts and debate real experts who don't know they're actors. There's potential for it to be really, really funny -- it executes the concept decently, but not perfectly, so it ends up being merely funny. But merely funny is still worth watching, I think. It is not totally unlike HBO's "Da Ali G Show" which I caught last Sunday. Also the show the preceded "Ali G" called "Entourage" was a solid watch as well. Add in "Last Comic Standing" and I believe I've just listed every TV show I've watched in the past week except for an inning or two of yesterday's Mets game. 3-5 hours a week seems like a safe level of TV watching, I think.