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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Fifteen questions I'm* tired of answering at summer associate lunches:

1. "What kind of law do you want to do?"
2. "Didn't your parents ever teach you any table manners?"
3. "How do you think the summer is going so far?"
4. "Are you going to eat that?"
5. "What's been your favorite summer associate event?"
6. "Would you please close your mouth when you chew?"
7. "Have you been keeping busy?"
8. "You do realize there's a restroom in the back, right?"
9. "What department do you think you want to join?"
10. "If you were just going to spit that all out onto the tablecloth, why did you even order it?"
11. "Are you upset the summer's almost over?"
12. "Do you smell something?"
13. "What kind of assignments haven't you gotten that you wish you'd had a chance to try?"
14. "Did you at least bring a change of clothes?"
15. "How excited are you to come back next year as a full-time associate?"

*Not the real me. The fictional me that I'm inventing for purposes of writing this post. I actually do have table manners. Although I get my butter knife confused with the other knives sometimes, and still haven't quite mastered the whole 'tearing off bite sized pieces of bread' thing without interrupting the flow of conversation.