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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A good friend of mine has written a play, and rented some theater space to put it up this weekend. It's called "The Great Americano," and I don't know exactly what it's about, but for $10, you can take a chance you'll be seeing an early work from a future great American playwright. Potential reward greater than at most movies, for the same price, and the only risk is you get so disillusioned about theater that you never go see another play again. It premiered tonight. I'm going to see it either on Friday (the 6th) or Saturday (the 7th). It's also playing next Tuesday (the 10th). All shows -- Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday -- at 8PM at The Red Room (85 East 4th Street, between 2nd Ave. and 3rd Ave., 3rd floor). No reservations necessary, general admission, no wheelchair access... nothing else on the postcard I need to say I guess. 3 actors. I know 2 of them (one's the guy who wrote it). I'm also friends with the director. All very talented people. I will vouch for it. Otherwise I wouldn't be posting about it. Go. Why not? You have something better to do?