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I recently graduated from Harvard Law School. This is my weblog. It tries to be funny. E-mail me if you like it. For an index of what's lurking in the archives, sorted by category, click here.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Happy Birthday, Weblog

My blog turns 2 years old in about 20 minutes. To celebrate, I've brought My Index up to date. Basically, my index is just a list of all of the more substantial posts, divided into some rough categories. So if you're looking for specific advice, or what life at a firm is like, or song parodies, or just to see what's there, that's easier than scrolling through all of the archives. Although scrolling through the archives is certainly not discouraged. :)

So. 2 years I've been doing this. That's a while. On August 8, 2002, I received my 1L course schedule in the mail, and decided it would be cool to start writing a diary of my law school experience. I had never read a weblog before I started writing one, and only got the idea from an article I'd read somewhere a few weeks prior mentioning Blogger. Doing it this way, I am quite sure, has been immensely more rewarding and fulfilling than if I'd just bought a really big book of blank pages and written in it every night. Knowing there are people out there reading this stuff, and maybe even enjoying it, is very very cool. I'm grateful to anyone who wasn't amused one day but decided to come back the next anyway, just in case. I hope I've made it as worthwhile for you to read as it's been worthwhile for me to write.

Anyway. That is the 2-year update.