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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Here's another review of Dracula I just found. It makes mine seem gentle. I agree with pretty much everything this guy has to say. I know, no one else cares. But if you're bored, there it is. It's a fun read.

UPDATE 8/20: Just to follow up... the newspaper reviews came out today, and are all pretty bad. So I wasn't just making stuff up. NY Times ("Expectations were exceedingly low... and expectations have not been disappointed."), New York Post ("Played in deadly serious fashion, "Dracula" is dreadfully bad, but falls short of the awfulness that would lift it to the level of fun camp.... This may be the first version of Dracula in which he's killed not so much by a stake to the heart as by an insipid ballad."), Daily News ("Unfortunately, there was only one moment in the Frank Wildhorn musical that opened last night at the Belasco when I experienced true terror: In the middle of the second act, I was gripped by a numbing fear that the show would never end."), Newsday ("How do you like your undead? Scary? Romantic? Sexy? Philosophical? Satirical? Just dumb fun? If the answer is "none of the above," well, does Broadway have a big nothing for you."), Washington Post ("The evening never frees itself from the bonds of monotony. It's the stage equivalent of a powerful muscle relaxant: a snoozical."), USA Today ("Dracula is... saddled with dunderheaded lyrics and a witless book.... Other characters are British, though some of the American actors playing them speak with such erratic accents you might wonder whether they have multiple personality disorders.... I can't imagine how they all got sucked into this mess, but I hope they're rescued from the walking, singing death that is Dracula as soon as possible.").