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Monday, August 02, 2004

The logical next step:

I've got two open spots for lunch at Gramercy Tavern on Wednesday. That's Wednesday, June 21, 2006, 4 weeks into the first summer when we're back as first-year associates. I've spoken to an incoming 1L at my school, who's definitely set on spending her summer after 2L at a New York law firm, and this place is high on her list at this point. Assuming she gets an offer and comes to summer here, she asked me if I might be able to do lunch on Wednesday, June 21. She's pretty confident she can find 2 other summers; so I told her I'd find 2 other first-years to join us on the lunch. First two to respond get the slots. If you've already got plans for 6/21, she might be able to do Friday 6/23, but she's concerned that the Trusts & Estates assignment she's already scheduled to receive on Thursday 6/22 may interfere. Or she may be hung over from the trip the night before to see the new Broadway musical, "O.J. Simpson: 10 Years Later -- A Journey in Song," and the after-party on the moon, assuming by 2006 we're taking quick rocket trips to the moon for after-parties after summer associate events. Also, she'll be wearing purple, just so you're aware and don't clash. And in case of rain (the weather report gives it a 40% chance), we might go somewhere closer. Or at least take one of the new hover-taxis. Let me know as soon as possible if you want in on the lunch.
I'm only barely exaggerating.