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Monday, September 06, 2004

12 hours from now I'll be back at school to begin year three. It goes fast. The first year everything was new. The second year there was the whole interviewing stuff. The third year, it seems like nothing can be new. That won't be true, I'm sure. Supposedly, our student center has received a major renovation. So that will be new. But I don't expect it will radically change the student experience. My classes will be new, but classes are all kind of the same at their core, so it's not like that's anything radically different. If you map law school to undergrad, compressing the four years into three, I don't know if they match up exactly as might be expected at first glance. It kind of feels like first semester 1L year was like freshman year; second semester of 1L was like sophomore year, 2L year was like junior year and the first half of senior year combined (partly because of all the emphasis on job stuff), and now 3L year we're just playing out the string, the second semester of senior year, when not being here anymore seems like it's coming up real soon. It seemed like people started to check out a bit after interviews last year; I can't imagine they would get more engaged now after a summer spent working. But I'm looking forward to getting back, to seeing friends, to my classes, to being a student, perhaps for the last time. That's kind of sad. I like being a student.