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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Classes start today (finally -- everyone else has been back in school for weeks now). I just filled out an add/drop form to switch around my schedule a little bit. I'm going to a class this morning that I will have just dropped. But I'm going in case it's really neat and I decide I want to pick it back up. Or if one of the classes I picked up is really un-neat and I decide I want to drop it. I've also wait-listed for a class, but I think I have a good chance of getting in, since this is the first day we can wait-list, and there's no wait list for the class yet, so I'll be near the top. This means that on Monday, I will be going to 5 classes. I won't take more than 4 of them, and if I get into the 4-credit class off of the wait list and decide I like it, and like it better than the 2 3-credit classes I'm adding today, then I can drop both of them and just take the 3 classes on Monday-Tuesday, and that would be enough. Or, I can keep one of the 3-credit classes and the 4-credit class, and drop one of the two classes I've kept so far, if it turns out I don't like one of them. So, there are a bunch of ways I can end up with only Monday-Tuesday classes, but if I like this Thursday-Friday class I'm going to this morning better than some of the Monday-Tuesday classes I'll try out on Monday, then I may stick with it despite the days it meets. :) In any case, this is more about my schedule than even *I* need to know, so I'll stop now.