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Friday, September 10, 2004

Help Me Decide What Classes to Take!

Okay, here's the deal. I'm on the "admit list" for Family Law, which I waitlisted yesterday. This means I have until 4:00 today to decide whether or not to take it. Because of our slightly awkward system, I have to make the decision before I get to go to the class on Monday. And it means I have to drop some classes in order to potentially pick it up. I can take advantage of the system by picking up Family Law and dropping things I don't think will fill up, so that after I go to all of these classes on Monday, I can make the decision and pick back up the ones I want to take -- but I take the risk that I'm wrong and they fill up before then.

So: you can help me. I've made a survey. It's here. I need at least 7 credits. The 3-credit class I'm sure I'm taking is on the Economic Regulation of Antitrust, which may sound boring to you, but sounds kinda cool to me, and 1L year it was on the blackboard before one of my classes and looked kinda cool, and the professor's supposed to be good, so it's not on the survey. The rest of my schedule is up for grabs. I'm going to end up going to all of these classes on Monday (they all meet Monday-Tuesday -- Yay!) anyway and try to figure it out, and hope that whatever I drop to pick up Family Law doesn't fill up by then, but I figure it can't hurt to get more opinions. So, take the survey if you want. It's one question and will take you 5 seconds. I will close the survey at 4:00 and report the results.

UPDATE: 27 votes in so far. Business Law and Taxation in Japan is winning, and I'm glad. I just went to the bookstore to look at the casebook. It looks really fascinating. And I like the professor. He's funny. And the class is small. And it meets at a good time. So what's not to like? Decided. 100%. I'm taking it. Battling for second place in the survey is Family Law and Regulation of Risk. Which is good, because I just added Family Law and dropped Regulation of Risk. I decided I'd rather take a 4-credit class with a take-home exam than a 3-credit class with a paper. And the Family Law casebook looked interesting, but the first reading for Regulation of Risk didn't. Despite that I've heard good things about one of the two professors teaching the Risk class -- but I figure, it's 2 hours of class time a week, two professors, how much am I really going to get from the professor who I've heard good things about. It appears that few of the people voting like statistics, because Empirical Methods is finding no support. I dropped it too when I picked up Family Law, because I was over the credit maximums. So I think my decisions are all made: Japan, and Family Law win. Keep voting if you want. I'll report the final results at the end of the day.