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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I went to the Red Sox game tonight. Scoreless for the first 7 1/2 innings, Schilling pitched 8 scoreless, 3 hits, 14 strikeouts, he was amazing. Bottom of the 8th, Red Sox finally get a run. 1-0 going into the ninth. Foulke comes in to close it and gives up a 2-out 2-run homer to Javy Lopez. 2-1 O's. Bottom of the ninth, Red Sox get men on 2nd and 3rd with no one out. Dave "Why am I in the Majors?" McCarty pops up, Johnny Damon strikes out. 2 out, 2 on. O's put in Jorge Julio to replace BJ Ryan. Mark Bellhorn hits a game-winning double. 3-2 Red Sox. Awesome game. Awesome awesome game.

It was "Organ Donation Awareness Night." I swear. First 35,000 fans got a kidney. No, not really. They announced that everyone got organ donation cards on the way in, but we didn't get them, so maybe that part really was just the first 35,000 fans. "And for the fans seated in Section 11, Row C, we're taking your corneas. Sorry." So it was organ donation awareness night... yet the organ still played, like during the 7th inning stretch and everything. I'm using up all of my organ-related material, sorry. "Keep your eye on the ball" takes on whole new meaning in the context of organ donation. "One lucky fan will leave the stadium with a brand new liver." I don't understand some of the promotions and ads at baseball games. Hospitals advertise on the scoreboard. Why? Usually I don't imagine I'll have a choice, and even I do have a choice, why is seeing you at Fenway Park going to make me want to choose you for my appendix-removal needs? Oral-B had an ad. Again, not sure the connection. Avaya, which I believe is a telecommunications service provider that does not offer any direct-to-consumer services, had a bunch of ads. Not sure why they need me to know who they are, and the ads didn't even say what they sold, I just know from before. I'd understand if they advertised TV shows or movies or CDs or stuff like that. But not the Hospital for Joint Diseases (they're on the outfield wall at Shea Stadium -- I thought all diseases were solo; I don't know which are joint. Maybe STDs? Mono?).