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Friday, September 17, 2004

In a little while I'm heading down to NY for 48 hours for a friend's wedding. The good thing about being from New York is that I have a free place to stay in New York. Useful.

I'm fighting the urge to take too much stuff with me, like law reading I won't end up doing, or a random extra pair of pants I won't end up wearing, or... well, actually that's about it. The reading mostly. I'll bring a book for the ride. But I don't think it'll be a casebook. Maybe the Japanese Law one, since that's pretty interesting.

Man, this post is boring.

Ten Terrible Reasons To Go To Law School
1. Extra $150,000 and nothing else to do with it
2. Really want to learn how to use online legal research databases
3. Flunked out of medical school
4. Need more debt
5. Uncle is in jail; want to help him get out, despite his guilt
6. All your friends are doing it, except the smart ones
7. Lost a bet
8. Parents really want you to
9. Four graduate degrees aren't enough
10. Love watching "The Practice"