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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Someone who isn't me came up with an idea for a weekly feature in the law school newspaper that I'll probably take to the editor, since I think it's pretty cool. Basically just a quick Q&A with a professor or administrator, nothing too weighty, nothing particularly revelatory or scandalous, but just stuff that it would be interesting to read about. I'm pasting below my list of ideas for questions, but the reason I'm posting is to see what other people can come up with -- what do you think would be cool to find out about a professor? I'll post the ones I think are interesting, and then hopefully actually get to use them, assuming professors are willing to do this. I honestly don't know how big of an assumption that is.

Favorite class to teach
Favorite city or country they've visited
Favorite place to eat in the area
Hardest thing about being a professor
Guilty pleasures
Favorite TV show / movie
Last book they've read
Job they'd like to have if they weren't a law professor
Building on campus they'd most like to see renovated
Favorite spot on campus
Electronic gadget they wish existed but doesn't yet