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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Ten Things You Don't Want Your Syllabus To Say

1. The professor may double the reading at his discretion.
2. Gum chewing in class will be punishable by death.
3. Read pages 1-700 for the first class. You will be quizzed on the information comtained therein.
4. Read pages 1-uh, I can't remember, but you'll know when to stop. It'll be obvious.
5. Class meets whenever I feel like it.
6. Please memorize this syllabus. It will self-destruct in ten minutes.
7. My lectures are so boring they will bore you to death. Also, I am a necrophiliac.
8. Women must attend class topless. Men, bottomless.
9. My wife thinks I need counseling. Just a random fact, sorry to share.
10. Syllabus? Why do you need a syllabus? Can't you read my mind??