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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Here's a post with a 7 hour shelf-life. :)

Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game


1 drink for every mention of Halliburton
1 drink each time he says "wrong place, wrong time, wrong war"
1 drink each time he smiles at the camera
2 drinks for every mention of weapons of mass destruction
3 drinks if Edwards mentions the girl he represented whose intestines got sucked into a hot tub drain, as a metaphor for the War in Iraq sucking our armed forces into a conflict they can't escape from.


1 drink for every mention of terror
1 drink for every mention of chemical or biological agents
2 drinks each time he accuses the Democratic ticket of using Botox
3 drinks if Cheney says, "I've met the grim reaper, and John Kerry does indeed look like the grim reaper."
4 drinks for every heart attack


1 drink for every time you can match one use of "terror" by Cheney to a use of "error" by Edwards
1 drink for every time either candidate looks frustrated in the split-screen view but thinks no one is watching
2 drinks for every time you can see behind Cheney's latex mask covering the fact that he's actually been dead for two and a half years and they've been using a stunt double in his place