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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

London: Day Five

I found a more European part of London in my wandering today, so I'm more pleased, and no more NY comparisons. The area is called Covent Garden and it has lots of little stores and cobblestone streets and people with face makeup performing in the street for money. I like better.

My friend and I saw a terrible play last night called Gaffer! (the exclamation point should have been a clue). It was a one-man show about soccer (football). We left at the intermission. It was sleep-inducing.

But today, in just a bit, I'm off to see a Tuesday matinee of a play called "The History Boys," which, simply by virtue of it being written by a guy who has anthologies of his plays in bookstores -- can't recall his name right now, but Googlable I'm sure -- should be better. So that should be cool.

Today's my last day here. A full wrapup once I'm home tomorrow, perhaps with some Top Ten things to do / not to do in London if you're a terrible tourist like me who doesn't love art museums. Liked the theater museum I just went to this morning though. Nice exhibit on lighting.