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Monday, October 04, 2004

"Sweet Firm of Mine" (to the tune of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline")

3-hour lunch
Tickets to see Madonna
Stayed at the bar till 3 A.M.

They paid for a hat
They paid for a lobster dinner
Just to be sure that I'll choose them

Work, why do work?
Offers come
One for me
Two for you

Sweet firm of mine
Good times never seemed so good
I leave at five
Not at midnight like I could

Lawyers at desks
How they all seem so lonely
But I can't complain, I've got it made

Pass me a drink
One more Broadway show this evening
And look at how much I'm getting paid

Work, not for us
Please come back
They tell me
They tell you

Sweet firm of mine
Law firms never seemed so chill
I leave at five
Not at midnight like I will
Oh, no, no

[Public Interest Person:]
No leather chairs
No hundred-dollar lunches
No one to answer all my calls

No window view
Heck, not even in an office
I get to sit here in the hall

Good, they do good
But what good
Can I do
If I'm poor?

Sweet firm of mine
You have captured all our hearts
Wilfully blind
That it's not like this when we start
Oh, no, no

Sweet firm of mine....