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Monday, November 29, 2004

According to New York Lawyer, "Sullivan & Cromwell has announced higher year-end bonuses for associates this year than in 2003. The firm will pay from $20,000 for first-year associates to $30,000 for senior associates, compared with last year's $17,500 to $27,500. Sullivan & Cromwell associates this year also got October bonuses of $10,000 to $20,000. Last year, no such bonus was paid. The two bonuses will push total compensation to $155,000 for first-year associates, the highest level since 2000, when the booming dot-com economy boosted associate bonuses to $400,000 for first-years and $1,000,000 for senior associates."

Okay, I added zeroes to the last two numbers. But the rest of it is totally from the article. Wow. That's a lot of money. Maybe I should see if my firm offer is still open.

$155,000 is still just $17/hour if you work 168 hours a week though.

And with Blackberries, aren't you sort of?

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