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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Been a while since a song parody. Sorry about that. Here's one to the tune of "Beer for my Horses" by Willie Nelson and Toby Keith, a (gasp) country song.... Well, two verses and a chorus, at least. It doesn't make a ton of sense, but I like the title idea.

"Beer For My Courses"

Well, I showed up at my 10 o'clock class,
Don't care what I get, I just want to pass.
Professor's making me sleepy, gunners making me mad.
Don't want to deal with this, it makes me way too sad.
Makes me way too sad.

A lawyer told me softly: "Back in my day, son,"
"A three-martini lunch was just the way it was done"
"Come back a little hammered, crash in board room two"
"Nobody's gonna ever come there looking for you,"
"No one is looking for you"

He said, "I want to take the edge off of this crazy life"
"Be drunker than the partners"
"Be drunker than my wife"
"Go back to school in September, and blow off each class"
"Just sit in the back, and know you'll pass"
"Let's raise up our glasses against evil forces,
"Singing: 'Whiskey at the firm, beer for my courses.'"