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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I saw The Polar Express over the weekend. In 3-D Imax. My mom wanted to go, while I was home. I submitted. It was... 3-D. It was a vehicle for special effects. It tried to be a nice movie for kids, but if you think about what it was really saying... the message, basically, was "you'd better believe in Santa Claus if you want to get any presents on Christmas." Not a good message, I don't think. It was a Capitalist's Christmas, and basically said that anyone who doesn't believe in Santa is wrong and grouchy. And it kept resorting to roller coaster-like sequences to compensate for plot. On a train? Well, what if the track turned into a roller coaster? A bird is flying? What if it flew like it was on a roller coaster track? Santa's Workshop? Well, of course, the presents ride on a roller coaster. It wasn't an offensively bad movie (although there was a song about Hot Chocolate that was in fact offensively bad), but it wasn't all that good either. The animation is neat, but it can't make up for the fact the plot is dull and a lot of the movie is just filler.