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Monday, November 08, 2004

It's SNOWING! After a really quite unseasonably warm day yesterday, it's been pretty cold all day today -- and tonight, there's snow flurries. It's winter. In Boston. Break out the earmuffs. Honestly, I'm not sure how anyone can choose to live here permanently. It's just so cold. And the winter is so long. I like snow, I really do. But it gets so unpleasant here every winter. And there really is a difference between here and New York -- not so much, but just enough. In New York, it gets warm enough between snowfalls that the snow melts. Here it just builds up in huge mounds on the sidewalk, forming puddles at each curb that eventually ice over, and you take a wrong step... and your shoes end up soaked.

I remember a time 1L year when I went out to get a piece of pizza one day in the middle of winter. I took my gloves off to eat it on the walk back. And, just in a few short minutes, my hands got so cold that I had to stop at a restroom on campus on the walk back just to run my hands under warm water because I thought they were going to freeze and fall off. It gets that cold. (If you're applying to law school, please don't be frightened. It's nice here two or three months out of the year) You can make ice without a freezer.