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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

More from all-request day: "If you could live anywhere, where would that be?"

Surrounded by people I care about and who care about me.

Man, my answers suck today. But that's the truth. I wrote on Monday about why I went to law school, and how it was harder than I thought it would be after college to move to Texas for a marketing job. Part of the frustration was the job, but I think a lot of it was that I felt more alone than I thought I would. It's nice not to feel alone. It's nice not to be alone. I don't think place matters a heck of a lot compared to who you're there with. Even one good friend can make all the difference, I think.

But I'll give a better answer. Taking my answer as a given -- that no matter where I'd be I'd be around people I want to be around, where then? I don't know that I've ever really thought about it, or that I've been to enough places that I know whether or not I'd want to choose one of them. But here are some of my considerations, I suppose, in rough (but not especially carefully considered) order of importance:

1. A place that feels relevant to the greater world, in terms of it being a place where new things happen, where culture gets created, where smart and creative people gravitate to, where ideas can become reality, where there is a cutting-edge.

2. A place where there are all sorts of neat ethnic food options, that serve dishes I'd possibly be afraid to try (like, say, things made of feet, or brains), but appreciate having the choice.

3. A baseball team. Even if it's just a minor league one.

4. Some amount of theater, especially new theater (as opposed to community productions of The Sound Of Music). An independent movie theater. But also a very much commercial movie theater. A university. A bookstore. Some amount of live music. I guess this overlaps with #1 in a bunch of ways.

5. Nice outdoor things. Like parks or mountains or sunsets or coasts. Even better if they're convenient and walk-around-able.

6. Weather. I'm torn as to whether I have a preference about what kind. I'm not sure I do. Not oppressively hot all the time or oppressively cold all the time or oppressively wet all the time. So that eliminates pretty much nowhere I guess, except for Siberia and The Sun.

7. No terrorists.