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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Odds and ends:

1. If you go to school here: come see the Scales of Justice sing a cappella music Thursday at 7:30 in the Ropes Gray room. Among our 7 songs will be a song I wrote about on-campus interviewing (called "Why OCI") that I have a solo on, despite my eager willingness to let someone else have the solo. Rumor has it that if enough people clap, we will do an encore, another song I wrote, called "Don't Call On Me," about the Socratic Method, which we first performed two years ago. If you mention that you read about the concert here, you can get in for just $5. If you don't mention it, you can also get in for $5, since that is the admission cost. There will be refreshments. I think we're using the word "refreshments" because it's vague. There will be soda and popcorn. That's less vague. If you can eat $5 worth of popcorn, you can consider the concert free. You would also, in that case, eat all of our popcorn. We have a guest group from Northeastern University. They will sing 4 songs, hopefully in tune.

2. I dropped my cell phone today and split into two. Since it's 28 months old (that's about 80 in cell years, no?), I figured I could spring for a new one rather than try to paste the wires back together, or however one might fix a broken cell phone. I spent an hour in the Sprint store. Sprint needs to rename itself, because there was nothing Sprint-like about their service. Even Jog would be an overstatement. Leisurely Stroll is closer. Crawl would be my pick. Would you buy anything technological from a company called Crawl? Anyway, despite the wait, I found out that I'm a "valued customer" (i.e., I pay my bill) who, if I extended my service plan for 400 years(give or take 398), could get a new phone for 30 bucks. So I did. I am frustrated with new phone. I don't need a full-color screen. I need two colors. Black, and white. I just want to see the numbers, that's all. I don't need pictures of mountains or flying eagles. I also want my ring to sound like a phone, but of the 37 ring choices, only one of them is even close to "phone" and it doesn't sound enough like a phone that I will realize it's a phone ringing and not a doorbell or a wind chime or a fire alarm. I also don't need the multi-directional keypad button, since I don't know why I'd ever need to move left or right on the screen. I don't need web browsing capability, text messaging, the ability to download games, a "wireless organizer," world time zone information, or an optional microwave attachment. I just want to make calls and receive calls, and have it ring like a phone. I like cell phones. I'm not a technophobe. I mean, I have a weblog. :) But this feels like overkill. And I got the simplest phone there, without a camera, a TV screen, a full-size keypad, an mp3 player, a DVD burner, or an ice maker. I can't figure out how to make it stop making a dumb sound when I open or close the flip-top. I'm not shutting down Windows here, I'm just opening the phone. Please stop, phone. Just be normal. On the other hand, my mom tells me the reception is much clearer than on my old phone, and the Sprint guy gave me 50 more minutes for 10 dollars less per month. So I'm not complaining. Just, uh, complaining.

3. "Controlling Your Roaming Experience" is one of the chapter headings in the book my new phone came with. Give me a break.