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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

On the bus ride home, I came up with 7 funny concepts for posts. Now all I have to do is write them, and make the content be as good as I think the concepts are. So they will all come in due course. But first, I figure I'll continue with the all-request questions.

"What you'd write about if you could be anonymous. Would the substance of your posts change at all?"

Uh, I really don't think anything would change. I mean, if I was writing anonymously as someone who isn't me -- if I was writing fiction -- then I'd obviously have different things to say. But if I was still writing from my own point of view, then I don't really think anything would be different if I was writing anonymously, even assuming I trusted that anonymity really exists, which I really don't. I'm certain that if I was writing honestly, and sharing real things in my life and real thoughts I was having, that someone would figure out it was me, and pretty quickly. I figured out who Waddling Thunder was without too much difficulty, I think people figured out where Sua Sponte went to school before she revealed it. I just don't think it's too hard, given the non-infinite population of law students, for people to figure it out if they try. And I think if I was writing this anonymously, it wouldn't feel as rewarding. I can absolutely admit that part of why I'm motivated to do this is because who knows who's reading, and who knows what can happen if I write good stuff. I mean, probably nothing will come of any of this, and I understand that. But one never knows. And I think any chance of something cool coming out of what I'm doing here goes down quite a bit if I'm writing anonymously. This is not a great answer to the question, I guess, but I think it's honest.