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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Some Thanksgiving reading (besides my archives, of course): Check out the first two entries in the five-by-five over at The [Non]-Billable Hour. He asked five law students to write about five things we'd change about law school. My contribution isn't up yet, but should be sometime within the next few days. So far, neither post has stolen any of my points, but I agree with Mr. Poon that law school should give out more cookies, and with Wings&Vodka that wireless Internet in classrooms is not exactly helpful in the right way (and, like him, my laptop stays at home when I go to class... although I find myself reading ESPN Page 2 off the computer of the person next to me anyway).

UPDATE: My entry has been added here. Hope you enjoy. (You can leave comments over there, or, of course, you can e-mail me, if you have any thoughts on it.)