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Friday, November 26, 2004

There's still two questions from all-request day floating in the queue, and one of them is quickly running out of relevance, so I'd better answer it:

"How about best diversions from studying for exams? My first exam is only one week away and I don't feel like studying ... what should I do instead?"

Okay. Best diversions from studying. Well, starting a weblog is a pretty good one. Developing a phobia of books / ink / words would also work. Laundry. Cleaning your bathroom. Starting a fire. Spider solitaire. Or any of the games on Writing a novel. Writing a screenplay. Writing pretty much anything. Including a shopping list. And then going shopping. Today, that could probably put you out of commission for a while, since you're likely to get trampled by the people running for the $19.99 DVD player at Sears, or the $6.99 time-travel machine at Wal-Mart. Updating your cell-phone phone book is a good diversion. Counting the pages in your casebooks to make sure they're right. Switching to dial-up Internet service. Taking up knitting. Reading (and lifting) the Sunday New York Times. Homeopathic medicine. Editing someone else's PhD thesis. Learning a new language. Learning an old language. Peeling the outer shell off an egg without tearing the inner membrane. Fantasy football / basketball / hockey. Plugging every book and CD you own into and seeing what they recommend you buy next. Getting lost in the woods. Answering an ad on Craigslist for an activity partner (I'm just grasping at straws now). Grasping at straws. Sending e-mails to people whose weblogs you read asking them for suggestions about what to do to avoid studying.

Hmmm. That can probably get you through the weekend, no?