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Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year. Really, I mean it. I had dinner with some friends tonight. Peruvian food. Plantain chips > tortilla chips. But tortilla chips > potato chips. And potato chips > any assortment of mixed nuts that's more than 50% peanuts. And we can't forget about chocolate-covered pretzels. No, I have no idea what I'm rank-ordering here.

Thirteen manageable New Year's Resolutions for law students

1. Go to more classes than not.
2. Read before class, at least occasionally.
3. Don't murder any professors.
4. Think about using the library.
5. Check online way too often for fall term grades.
6. Choose an appropriate number of classes to fill the schedule.
7. Eat something every single day.
8. No more purple highlighters, only yellow.
9. Sell back used textbooks.
10. Get yearbook photo taken, if you remember.
11. Make effort to find employment.
12. Don't raise hand more than ten times in any given class.
13. Okay, fifteen times.