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Friday, December 17, 2004

I got a Wisconsin quarter back in change today for the first time. There's a picture of a cow, an ear of corn, and a wheel of cheese. And the word "forward." Is this the best Wisconsin can do? Did this entry actually beat out other choices? "Forward" may be the most baffling part of this. What does it mean? What's so "forward" about cows? I mean, they move forward. I guess. But if you're relying on cows, corn, and cheese for your economy, that sounds more backward than forward. Wisconsinites must be proud. A cow, corn, and cheese. I think you can make cheez doodles if you combine all three.

Some ideas for images on the back of the 'Law School' Quarter, if there was one

Student bubbling LSAT answers on scantron sheet

A courtroom and the word "justice"

A poor person and the word "contingency"

A casebook and the word "boring"

A final exam and the word "arbitrary"

Empty classroom and the word "expensive"

A hairy hand

A hairy hand touching a little boy (oh, wait, no, that's the Catholic Church quarter)

A non-hairy hand touching a little boy (oops, no, the Michael Jackson quarter)

A hairy hand touching a middle-aged woman, surrounded by the wreckage from 9/11 (no, that's Bernard Kerik's quarter)

Socrates, with a group of students surrounding him, spitting on him, and cursing his name

A student playing solitaire on his laptop and the word "listening"