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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I saw Peter Gammons give a talk at the law school tonight. (If you don't know who Peter Gammons is: ESPN's main baseball dude, and former Boston Globe sportswriter.) He was really good, it was a really enjoyable event. He gave a short talk about how we're in the midst of a golden age in baseball and then took lots of questions. Nothing shocking, but all cool stuff. He thinks the Mets will guarantee a fourth year and get Pedro, he thinks the Angels will sign Beltran, he thinks the Yankees will sign Leiter. He thinks the Mets' Benson signing was a disaster, that David Wright is awesome, and that Kaz Matsui will be better at second base than he was at shortstop. He thinks Bud Selig is a better commish than people give him credit for. He joked that he keeps having to tell Joe Morgan that Billy Beane didn't write "Moneyball" (this is an issue that comes up a lot over here, the awesome baseball message board site that might be the place I waste more Internet-reading time than any other site). He was very, very good. It was a really cool talk to go see. Much better than hearing lawyers talk.