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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Unsolicited advice to any panicking 1Ls heading into finals, from a 3L only left to panic about life after law school: right now is, without question, the most stressful and insane time you'll have in law school. The release once fall term finals are over is like untying a balloon and letting the air out. If you feel overwhelmed, know that it will never feel this overwhelming again, by any stretch. No one knows where they stand right now. By next term, everyone realizes they're at least in the mix. Everyone. And the spring feels totally different. Things feel like they matter less, like the stakes are lower. Because they are. Because you realize you can play on the same level as everyone else. And 2L and 3L year, really, are a walk in the park comparatively. For everyone. It's done. Right now is the hardest point, because there's all of this material and no way of knowing where you stand. If you're just worried that you can't do this for three years, that you can't handle it -- you're mere weeks from the end of the semester, and, really, truly, honestly -- the spring is so much better, and 2L and 3L are nothing. No matter how you're feeling now, it's not like that forever.

Of course, if you're feeling okay about everything now, even better, obviously. But then, you didn't need my unsolicited advice, didya now?