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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Well, I have five more pages about Family Law written than I did yesterday, so I'm getting there. But you don't care about my Family Law paper. I watched the three-hour Survivor Finale tonight, which was three hours too long, but that's okay. Survivor is interesting. This is the first season since season 3, I think, that I've watched any episodes of. It hasn't gotten much different. Yet it's still sort of compelling television. The people on the show do seem like real people, more than on something like The Real World, even though I'm sure, like on The Real World, a lot of them are acting, and just there to make a Hollywood career out of it. But somehow on Survivor they seem less varnished. Mostly because of good editing, I'm sure. But in part because stuck out there for 39 days, it's probably really hard not to let your real personality come through.

I'd be a terrible Survivor contestant. I'd be way too concerned with eating bugs or getting dirty or animals attacking me. I'm not big enough to really be a factor during strength challenges. I wouldn't last.

The next Survivor is in Palau. This one was in Vanuatu. I bet Survivor does a lot for the tourist industries in these places. Also, I wonder how many more deserted tropical places are left. I feel like there are probably a lot more deserted tropical places than I realize. I think it would be cool if they did one season in the Arctic, but I guess there'd be too much clothing and so no one would watch. I guess if they did it in the Arctic but provided each tribe with a hot tub, that might work. They should build a biosphere for the contestants and have the climate change every few days. So they build this great rainforest shelter, and start eating bananas and whatever else people eat in the rainforest, and then, suddenly, it turns into desert and they have to totally start over. I guess that would take the realism, if there even is any, out of it though.