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Monday, January 24, 2005

A friend sent me an e-mail with a suggestion for a blog post about the loyalties of people to undergrad vs. law school, prompted by my post a few days ago saying that I give money to Princeton but don't plan on giving to Harvard. I think it's definitely the case that people have more loyalty, on the whole, to where they went to undergrad. Of course, half the people here went to undergrad at Harvard. :) Naw, it's only about a third. But, really, I find that people talk about loyalty to undergrad -- sports teams, etc -- more than to law school. Which makes sense, since undergrad is a more formative experience, and law school, for a lot of people, is much closer to a job. Plus we've all already done this stuff before. And, in any case, no one wants to be stuck rooting for Harvard sports teams. People wear undergrad clothing, I guess -- although I don't notice a ton of it. People also wear Harvard stuff, but, again, I don't notice a ton of it. I may just not be noticing it.

The other part of my friend's question was about whether everyone knows where everyone else went to college, and if this means anything in terms of social interaction. I know where most of friends and lots of my acquaintances went to college -- it's an easy conversation topic. I'm not sure about whether it makes a difference. I don't think I think any differently about someone who went to school X versus school Y, because we all got into law school so what's the difference. I don't know.