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Saturday, January 15, 2005

How law school professors are incorporating the breakup of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston into the curriculum

Civil Procedure: if Brad and Jen got married in New York, had a house in California, vacationed in the Caribbean, used plastic surgeons from Florida, and once had a fight in New Jersey, where can they file for divorce?

Contracts: if Jen signed a pre-nuptial agreement while under the influence of drugs, and it was later altered without her consent, is it valid?

Constitutional Law: can Brad own a gun to protect himself from Jen's violent outbursts regarding her unwillingness to have any children?

Administrative Law: which governmental body should be the one which creates rules against high-profile celebrity couples ever splitting up?

Copyright: does Brad own the pictures that US magazine published of him comforting African children in an attempt to illustrate his paternal instincts?

Law of the Sea: if Jen takes a cruise through international waters but leaps to her death after suffering a mental breakdown following the separation, can her body be exported back to the United States?

Antitrust: if Brad starts dating Angelina Jolie, will he have a monopoly on the attractive actress market and should the government step in?

Federal Indian Law: if Jen plays Pocahontas in the movie version, does that entitle her to reparation payments?

Law and Psychiatry: are Brad and Jen crazy for breaking up?

Professional Responsibility: is it ethical to spread gossip about Brad and Jen if you found out that Jen was barren while surfing the Internet in the office in your role as an attorney?

International Law: does Brad look a little bit Portuguese?