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Friday, January 14, 2005

I've received a number of e-mails asking me what the actual answer was to yesterday's question from class. Truth is, I have no idea, because I was paying attention to writing the weblog post, and not to what the professor was saying. I'm sorry. Mostly for myself, when it's a question on the exam.

Someone else sent me a link to a Yahoo article about Harvard hiring a "fun czar" to spice up student life.

Described by the student government chief as "a creative schemer," Corker has gone from student to administrator in a few short months. In exchange for room, board and a modest stipend, he now serves as the go-to guy for students who have ideas about social events but don't have the time or knowledge to navigate the school bureaucracy and bring them to fruition.

One week might see Corker putting the final touches on a speed-dating event; the next, he'll be working with students to organize a dodgeball tournament....

[According to Matt Mahan, outgoing president of the undergraduate student council,] "Harvard kids have planners that are booked solid from when they wake up to (when they) go to sleep, and that creates the perception that social life is somewhat lacking."
The article's about the undergrads, but I think the law school should do the same thing. We could have exciting events like Supreme Court argument reenactments, or a speed-footnoting tournament. Maybe a list that's actually about this coming tomorrow. :)