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Monday, January 03, 2005

On the bus back to Boston last night, I read "The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green," by Joshua Braff. Braff is Zach Braff's brother. Zach Braff is on "Scrubs" and wrote and starred in the movie "Garden State," which was pretty solid. Talented family. (Like the Epsteins in Boston -- Theo the GM of the Red Sox, his dad an English professor, his uncles(?) wrote Casablanca.) Good book. It was very engaging although I found myself getting tired toward the end. Good characters -- good quirks, good stuff going on. I liked it.

In a completely unrelated story, two of my friends have recently told me they got iPods and found the same phenomenon: compulsive song-switching. With 5000 songs on there, how can you listen to more than 10 seconds of a song without wanting to see what's next? So they switch. And switch. And switch. And can't listen to a whole song anymore. iPods are ruining the attention span of young people. There's my thesis. The people who invented video games are laughing. Although, you know, I think people's attention spans actually aren't too bad. Someone near me in class today played solitaire for practically the entire three hours. That's pretty impressive. Three hours. Red five on the black six. Wow.