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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear A Professor Say When He's Talking About The Exam

1. "You may need a dictionary to translate some of the terms on the exam; dictionaries, however, will not be allowed."
2. "The questions may or may not relate to material we have covered in the course."
3. "There is always some amount of luck involved in whether there was enough toner in the printer to clearly print your exam questions."
4. "I just wrote the exam, and it's especially incomprehensible this year."
5. "Anyone who knows the material is likely to do quite poorly on the exam."
6. "I have no idea whether I will even bother grading the exam, or randomly assign marks instead."
7. "You will not be able to finish the exam in the time allotted, and may not in fact be able to start it."
8. "You may bring any written material except material written in English."
9. "The exam is either on Monday or Tuesday. I'm not sure I'll be able to let you know beforehand."
10. "No question is truly unanswerable, no matter how vague it may seem."