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Friday, January 07, 2005

This post is sponsored by the committee to waste paper.

Everyone got a flyer in our mailboxes today:

Important Reminder!!
The Law School will be moving from Blackboard to the iCommons MyHLS course management system for spring 2005 courses. You will receive an e-mail containing the web address for the new iCommons MyHLS course management system along with important Quick Reference Guides...

1. Why was it necessary to put a flyer in everyone's mailbox about this? There's no action we need to do. There's no way to "prepare" for this change, and no reason we would need to. Why does it matter?

2. Anyway: this is about an online thing. A computer thing. So why a printed flyer? Why *wouldn't* e-mail be OK for this? It's on the Internet.

3. There is no point 3.

4. Or point 4.

5. And yes, I'm really stretching for things to write about today.