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Friday, January 21, 2005

We received a letter in the mail, asking for money. "We hope you will join in the tradition of giving back to the School...." Uh, law school's awfully expensive as it is. I don't know that I really understand this. Every school seems to do it, though. Asking graduating students for money, before we even graduate.* Aren't we giving enough? They've got an awful lot of money as it is. It's kind of silly. There are more worthy causes out there.

"We suggest that each class member contribute an amount of at least $20.05, but every penny would significantly help the Class Gift effort."

Not that I don't appreciate my education, because I do. But, just a comparison:

From the Red Cross website: "From floods and residential fires... to hurricanes that devastated entire communities throughout the southeast U.S.... and now preparing to support through our International Response Fund, relief efforts for the catastrophic earthquake and tsunamis that struck South Asia."

From the funding letter I received: "[N]ew furniture, wireless internet access, electrical outlets at every desk... the coffee stations before morning classes.... Alumni support... made these remarkable improvements possible."

I don't know....

*Full disclosure -- I do give money every year to Princeton, where I went to college. Not that much money ($10/year until this year, when I bumped that up to... $15), but I do feel some attachment, and want the alumni giving number to stay high... and don't want to end up on a list of people who don't give... so when I have kids they can go there too! If they want, I mean. :) For whatever reason, I feel less attachment to law school. Oh well.