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Thursday, February 03, 2005

I just decided on my schedule for the semester. I was signed up for one extra class, but went yesterday to the two classes I was choosing between and decided to go with "Leadership in the Public Sector" instead of "American Democracy." Clearly I'm choosing courses with an eye on the bar exam. :) Leadership in the Public Sector looks like it has great reading -- it's case studies about government stuff -- why Clinton chose Barry McCaffrey as drug czar, problems with the CIA, etc. The downside was that it meets Wednesday and Thursday, and if I'd chosen the other class, I wouldn't have any classes on Thursday. American Democracy was described by the professors yesterday as a conversation between the two of them about the state of America that we get to mostly listen to. It seemed interesting, but I wasn't completely engaged, and don't really want to write the paper (and since I wanted to take it for 3 credits, I'd need to write two papers), so I decided that it would be the casualty. I may still go and sit in on some of the sessions, since it did seem interesting, and the room is so big it doesn't matter.

So I have that class, Health Care Institutions, a required Legal Profession class, and a seminar on Law and Psychology: The Emotions that seems pretty cool so far, and the professor promises food. I figure this isn't a bad set of classes for my final semester. Nothing I'm not at least reasonably excited by. Excited may be too strong a word.