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Friday, February 25, 2005

I saw the Harvard Hasty Pudding show tonight. It's student-written musical comedy. I thought the music was pretty solid, the script was kind of weak, the production values really good. Worth seeing, although I think I liked last year's show better. The interesting thing about Hasty Pudding shows is how interchangeable they are. I've seen three of them. There's no reason why they couldn't have been performed 50 years ago. What's kind of disappointing about them is that there's no point of view -- not that every show needs to have a message or a lesson or something to say, but it's kind of nice when you feel like there's some idea at play, some reason why the author might have been motivated to create the work, some insight into something, even something small. Hasty Pudding, as a form, doesn't seem to have that. The shows are fun, but ultimately kind of unsatisfying, I think, because there's nothing more than what they are. But I did like the music, and I did enjoy the show. So I'm not really complaining. Just thinking out loud.