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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Not a good day to be President of Harvard University. The New York Times and the Harvard Crimson have some pretty frightening things to say. Well, frightening if you're related to Larry Summers.

From The Crimson: "'[We must] show the public that we are not cowards, we are not spineless, and we are not with you,' said Arthur Kleinman, chair of the anthropology department, addressing Summers in the early minutes of the meeting.... 'The president has been challenged to either fundamentally turn around his style of leadership or to leave the institution,' said one senior faculty member who attended the meeting."

From The Times: "'It's as if the business of the university has ground to a halt until this matter is resolved," said Prof. Henry Louis Gates, the chairman of the African American and African studies department, adding, "It is clear that much of President Summers's legacy will be determined by how he deals with this crisis.'"

From My Stream of Consciousness: "Wow, sounds like President Summers is going to be Former President Summers soon. I wonder how they choose a new President. Maybe there's a raffle. Or a bake-off. That would be fun. Or maybe if I send in fifty UPC symbols from my favorite Kellogg's cereals, along with $7.95 for shipping and handling, I can be Harvard's next President (thanks for letting me steal that one, Justin). Or maybe they'll make it a prize on the next Real World / Road Rules Battle of the Sexes. Eric Nies would make an awesome Harvard president. I wonder what the President's office looks like. I bet it has nice carpeting. I wish I had carpet in my room. Next place I live will have carpet. Yes, that's a decision. Fixed in stone. Carpet. Carpet's a funny word. It has nothing to do with Cars or Pets. Like Grape-Nuts. No grapes, no nuts. I'm hungry. Maybe I should go eat something. Yeah, a Presidential bake-off would be the coolest. They could televise it on the Food Network and then re-run it twenty-five times a week. Harvard President Unwrapped! They could do a bizarre episode of Unwrapped about those projects Christo did before the Central Park gates. Well, a bizarre episode of Wrapped, at least. Hmmm. Carpet. Hmmm."