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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Okay, I apologize for January. You can count the number of decent posts on a hand or two, I know. My bad. Been consumed with the law school parody show, which goes into rehearsal tonight, and it's taken the bulk of the material that's been passing through my head for the past month. Twelve-hour writing days for the past couple weeks. An awesome experience, but it's probably been shortchanging anyone still reading this. This is just to say I recognize that, and now that the script is done, new month, better posts. :)

Starting with a desperate attempt to come up with an idea for a newspaper column in the 30 minutes before I have to go to my legal profession class. The Daily Show does something like this, where they have Samantha Bee in front of a calendar reading off silly events taking place that month. I don't have the benefit of a six-foot-tall calendar. Just 800 words or so to play with. Here's my idea, and a very brief starting point. More later.

Upcoming February Events at the Law School

February 1: Celebrate the start of the shortest month of the year by paying tribute to the shortest provision of the tax code. This'll take some research.