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Monday, February 14, 2005

Okay, I'm watching a train wreck on TV. I happened to read an article earlier that the WB show, "7th Heaven," was renewed for a 10th season. I want to make a joke here about how all of the children must be about ready for retirement, but I'm having trouble making that work. Anyway, I went to the WB home page, just out of curiosity, and there was a promo for tonight's episode, a special "musical" episode. So I decided I'd check it out, just to see what I was missing by not watching the show since, I don't know, the last century. And it's a train wreck. It's actors who can't sing at all doing terrible renditions of songs from the big band era, awkwardly shoehorned into the scenes, without anything entertaining about it. I can't imagine this is actually the best they can do. They just had the mother sing to the son's new girlfriend a spiritual about praying, and some extras came out from the trees and started swing dancing. This is really bizarre.