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Thursday, February 10, 2005

This may or may not actually be funny. It's a rejected lyric from the Parody show. To the tune of "Rent" from, obviously, "Rent." The reason it's funny (to me) is because there's a tent here that they hold all sorts of events in, and Tent rhymes with Rent, and to get all melodramatic and earnest and over-the-top about a Tent is kind of funny, I think. Maybe.


How do you hold events outside
When outside's getting more
Like winter each day
Brunches -- lunches
and bowls of punch
There must be a way!

How do you feed alumns
When the rain cloud comes
And no one wants to -- stand outside
When you want donations
No frustrations
You need somewhere warm to hide

They are hungry and dripping
Morale here is slipping

Come and help us build
Come and help us build
Come and help us build
Our Big Tent!

How do you host a barbecue
When there's a wind that's swirling round and around
How do you keep alumns contained in one small place
Till donations abound!

Where can you construct a small stage
Where speakers, lectures, panels
Big events can take place

What keeps the students together
When the boring, endless things we say
Are floating through space

Put some posts in the ground
And pound 'em all down

Get some wood from the shed
Don't hit your head

When canvas rips
You get some clips

Come and help us build
Come and help us build
Come and help us build

Our Big Tent
Our Big Tent
Our Big Tent
Tent tent tent tent tent
Come and build the tent

'Cause everything is tent