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Thursday, April 21, 2005

1. An e-mail we just got:

Harvard University Health Services has developed a survey to assess student interest in DENTAL INSURANCE options for graduate students.

Please take 5-10 minutes to complete the survey; at the end you will have the option of entering a lottery to win
Any guesses? I started reading and immediately thought the lottery was going to be to win... dental insurance. But, no, it's for an Apple iPod. Cooler than dental insurance. Well, hopefully.

2. Lexis points expire in June. I'm just 500 away from an iPod shuffle. I may actually go to a training class I don't need to go to just to get those points. Isn't that pathetic? I know it's pathetic, but 45 minutes sitting in the library may be worth it for a free iPod shuffle. I've never gotten anything for my Lexis points. Little does Lexis realize (or maybe they do) that the majority of my Lexis research has been for newspaper and magazine articles and not legal research. Or maybe that's good for Lexis, since that's their big feature over Westlaw. Or maybe if I mention Lexis a few more times in this paragraph someone will see it and give me 500 Lexis points so I don't have to sit through the class. Lexis Lexis Lexis. I love Lexis. Much better than Westlaw. Woohoo!

3. An e-mail from a reader: "Seventh name the Pope decided against -- Pope Jesus I." Wouldn't Pope Jesus II be more offensive? I don't know enough about this stuff to know.