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Thursday, April 28, 2005

A cappella concert tonight at 7. We're doing three songs I wrote, among other stuff. Had my last law school class this afternoon. Really no feelings about that. Maybe different once I've had my last exam. But I'll say more later, probably. Also a funny idea for a post I just haven't had a chance to write yet, but coming tonight or tomorrow. I did something marginally dumb: I ordered a pair of shoes online, using an Amazon gift certificate my mom gave me. Ordering shoes online is dumb. The size was weird. I got the same size as the other shoes I have, but they're too big. Way too big. I don't get it. So now I have to box them back up and send them back. Ordering shoes online was stupid. There's an article about salt on Slate that should be less interesting than it is. Also a funny post on Veiled Conceit about law students in the NY Times Weddings pages.