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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fantasy Baseball Post

Just a quick summary of the players I ended up with. Kind of obsessed, and I've ended up with 6 teams. There are no players who've ended up on all 6, but 2 pitchers have ended up on 5 of the teams -- Danny Haren and Joe Blanton, both starters for the A's. I'm not sure how that happened. Dan Meyer, an A's minor leaguer set to be in the rotation by mid-season is on 3 of my teams too. So I have the back half of the A's rotation all locked up. Zito and Harden, the A's top two starters, aren't on any of my teams. Oh well.

A bunch of players on 4 of the 6 teams. Tadahito Iguchi (the new second baseman for the White Sox, from Japan), Austin Kearns (oft-injured Reds outfielder who I drafted on a bunch of teams last year and got completely burned as he hit .230 and was injured most of the year), Royals second-year OF David DeJesus, Mariners rookie OF Jeremy Reed, Astros closer Brad Lidge, Marlins starter A.J. Burnett, and Cardinals starter Chris Carpenter. I have a ridiculous bias for young players over veterans, which isn't the best strategy because the young players don't always end up panning out. But every year I get swayed by the hopes for rookies and second-year players to really break out and become stars.

Players on three of my teams: Reds OF Adam Dunn, Padres OF Dave Roberts, Dodgers OF J.D. Drew, Royals starter Zach Greinke, Astros starter Brandon Backe, Blue Jays starter Ted Lilly, and Padres reliever Akinoro Otsuka.

On two of my teams: Joe Mauer, Todd Helton, Mark Loretta, Jeff Kent, Carlos Guillen, Vladimir Guerrero, Lew Ford, Erubiel Durazo, Kevin Brown, Jake Peavy, Oliver Perez, Scott Kazmir, Wade Miller, and Miguel Batista.

And the absurdly long list of players on one of my teams: Hitters -- Piazza, Posada, Ivan Rodriguez, Kendall, David Ortiz, Casey, Teixera, Konerko, Durham, Hillenbrand, Beltre, Rolen, Blake, David Wright, Lowell, Jose Reyes, Renteria, Rollins, Jack Wilson, Mike Young, Nevin, Hatteberg, Brian Roberts, Aaron Boone, Abreu, Walker, Ichiro, Berkman, Bay, Rowand, Craig Wilson, Carlos Lee, Winn, Pierre, Jenkins, Swisher, Lawton, Kotsay, Hideki Matsui, Manny Ramirez, and Delmon Young. Pitchers -- Clemens, Buerhle, Weaver, Odalis Perez, Eaton, Oswalt, Radke, Johan Santana, Brian Lawrence, Linebrink, Mota, Latroy Hawkins, Looper, Aquino, Tsao, Mariano Rivera, Foulke, Takatsu, Francisco Rodriguez, Benitez, Felix Hernandez, and Matt Cain.

And, while I'm at it, my picks for:

AL MVP -- Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle
AL CY YOUNG -- Johan Santana, Minnesota
AL ROOKIE OF THE YEAR -- Jeremy Reed, Seattle

NL MVP -- Adam Dunn, Cincinnati
NL CY YOUNG -- Jake Peavy, San Diego
NL ROOKIE OF THE YEAR -- Clint Barmes, Colorado

And my bold predictions for the playoff teams and the World Series winner:

AL East: Boston
AL Central: Minnesota
AL West: Oakland
AL Wild Card: Yankees

NL East: Braves
NL Central: Cardinals
NL West: Padres
NL Wild Card: Astros

AL Champions: Oakland
NL Champions: Padres

World Series Winner: Padres