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Thursday, April 14, 2005

A friend forwarded me a link to the website of a Latvian law firm whose attorneys, perhaps owing to the translation from Latvian to English (but let's pretend that's not the reason), have some pretty hilarious biographies.

Lauris: "It is quite amazing that leaving behind the break neck pace and complicated rhythm of the daily work, Lauris prefers to enjoy the beauty of simplicity - sweeping leaves, and discussing daily issues with elderly people and small children."

Indrikis: "Sparkling eyes, gentlemen-like reservedness, profound knowledge, exquisite sense of humour, ability to penetrate into details and a unique ability to as if isolate from the others in order to get a better general impression.... Anything that drastically differs from the daily routine might be an excellent opportunity for spending the free time, exploring untouched corners or facing the challenge of not meeting any human being for more than a week."

Sigita: "Despite the businesslike daily pace, Sigita is a very womanly being and theatre has been her greatest passion already since early childhood. Whereas it is not just a superficial dedication to something for sake of a snobbish impression - for Sigita theatre is just as significant and profound as everything that is substantial in her life. If you notice a women on a sandy beach reading a play written by a not very recognized Russian author, you can be almost sure that it is her."

Zane: "Zane has chosen to live in a beautiful world of internal and external beauty, where fragrances and aromas are of importance"

Andris: "With friends and colleagues Andris is open and sincere, endowed with a good sense of humour. He even treats himself with a healthy dose of humour – you will never hear that Andris has gone for skiing during the holydays if he will not be sure of the total correspondence of the meaning of the word skiing with his undertaken activities. The best answer you will most probably hear from him is that he has been sliding down the hill on the skis, and was attempting to perform it in vertical position. He is the one to make others laugh, cheer up, listen to and support."

Maija: "She knows how to take care of everything – seems that some small dwarfs are assisting her in sharpening all the pencils in the office, taking care of the sugar level in the sugar pots, ensuring faultless work of the office technique, reminding colleges about prearranged meetings and treating our guests with a cup of coffee."