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Thursday, April 21, 2005

I fear I may have written about this subject before, but I can't find the post so maybe I haven't. But it's a very important issue I feel compelled to address.

Does anyone besides me use fabric softener?

I'm talking about the blue stuff in the bottle with the little bear, not the dryer sheets in the bright orange box. The stuff for the washer, not the dryer. I always thought everyone used fabric softener, to make their clothes softer and smell like spring. But last week I ran out of fabric softener, and having similarly run out of interesting topics of conversation, I mentioned the lack of fabric softener to a couple of friends. And the responses I got were remarkably consistent. Apparently no one uses this stuff. No one. They sell it everywhere, but who is buying it? No one I know, it seems. But I've always been convinced it does something. Otherwise why would they sell it? And in so many places? And why would there be so many commercials? And why would they have a cute little bear on the bottle? I mean, it does *something* doesn't it? Or am I just a sucker for the cute little bear?

Does *anyone* else use fabric softener? Anyone?