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Friday, April 01, 2005

Just saw Wrigley Field. They were mowing the grass in preparation for the baseball season, people moving stuff around in trucks, etc. There were a bunch of people standing by one of the gates, and they let us inside for a few minutes to look around, which was cool. Walked around downtown earlier today, took the subway, saw the river and the area where the museums are.

Last night I saw a dress rehearsal of the Northwestern law school parody show, which one of my friends is in (Hi, Jessica). It was cool to see another school's version; they parodied a couple of the same songs that we did or have recently, but with different topics.

Good: Chicago-style hot dog
Bad: Chicago-style thunderstorm

Walked part of the "Magnificent Mile" yesterday, which is really just like someone shook a big shopping mall until all of the stores fell out. It's just chain stores, there's nothing special about it. Not enough local character. I guess. Maybe all cities are like this.

Some thoughts for posts that I can't really write from an Internet cafe, at a nickel a minute:
>>Hanging out with lawyers vs. non-lawyers
>>What makes one city cooler than another city
>>More about the Chicago-style hot dog, and perhaps about Chicago-style pizza

Tonight I'm going to see a concert -- Josh Rouse, whose music I downloaded a little while ago off a reader recommendation, and was pretty cool. Should be fun.